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Why Use Modzy


Modzy is an open ecosystem for community-provided, reliable, auditable, and multi-domain artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. By leveraging the Modzy platform, a data scientist can perform a variety of AI tasks including detecting objects in imagery, translating text between languages, and identifying similar members of a social network, all with just a few lines of code. Utilizing this low-barrier-to-use paradigm, Modzy empowers its users by providing powerful state-of-the-art capabilities without the hassle, expense, or resource commitment of downloading, integrating, and maintaining third party code.


Modzy is a platform designed to host and deliver state-of-the-art AI capabilities through an open RESTful API interface. This approach gives Modzy the flexibility required to provide AI capability support to applications written in any programming language, regardless of the application’s internal architecture. Modzy is well positioned to assist both traditional developers and data scientists of all experience levels. Whether you need to call machine translation capabilities from a Java application or to leverage facial detection capabilities from a Jupyter notebook, Modzy has an ever-expanding repository of easy-to-integrate, proven, state-of-the-art AI models that can shoulder the processing burden for your applications across a multitude of domains.

In order to support the wide variety of domains and modalities in which AI is being deployed today, Modzy maintains an active partner network. This partner network is comprised of leading commercial vendors, as well as academic centers of excellence, and provides AI models at the forefront of many diverse domains including Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Audio Processing, Predictive Maintenance, etc. By maintaining this wide partnership network of specialized contributors, Modzy ensures that the platform delivers far-ranging capabilities to our end users. To guarantee that the models are the best available, Modzy is designed to be a meritocracy.  End users can see all models offered from all vendors, giving them  the power to choose which model will work best for their specific application.

In the case when Modzy doesn’t have the model your organization needs, a well-defined inclusion process allows your data scientists to augment your platform instance with your own AI models so that the Modzy platform can still be leveraged for a dependable, robust AI capability delivery. It’s this focus on infrastructure, easy buttons, and community concerns like ensuring access to the best models, that separates Modzy from others.


By leveraging Modzy, an organization doesn’t need to have an army of data scientists or AI specialists to benefit from state-of-the-art AI. Modzy’s out-of-the-box capabilities can allow a single developer to produce an AI-powered software plugin to tackle your enterprise’s critical mission needs in hours, and the under-the-hood infrastructure orchestration can automatically scale the backend to support any level of adoption from plug in-users across your enterprise. From Microsoft Office to ESRI’s Arc products and everything in between, if your enterprise colleagues use workflows that rely on tools with plugin capabilities, Modzy can meet them where they are and deliver the AI needed to make dependable, repeatable inferences, increasing efficiency and reducing time spent on rote, repeatable tasks. It is this kind of force multiplier that makes Modzy a powerful addition to your enterprise and a strong partner in delivering on your most critical mission endeavors.

Whether your organization needs Graph Analytics for social network analysis, geospatial exploitation for humanitarian response, or anything in between, Modzy provides the AI needed to suit your mission, but Modzy isn’t just about the AI powering tomorrow. It’s also about dealing with the emergent threats to AI, while building support for the policy decisions on the horizon. To that end, Modzy has a whole group of data scientists tackling research areas such as: Defense from Adversarial AI attacks, Defense Against Data Poisoning, Built-in Explainability for AI Decisions, and Auditability. Many of the models on the platform already have one or more of these capabilities, and are automatically updated as successive generations are developed. With Modzy, you don’t have to worry about emerging threats or challenges related to governance or compliance – Modzy Labs tackles these issues for you.


By addressing the breadth of challenges across the AI domain to automatically incorporating governance, Modzy is the best choice for delivering the best AI capabilities across your enterprise. Modzy is the only open, developer friendly, API based, multi-domain AI platform on the market. Our philosophy of providing access to not just Modzy’s models, but also to models from preeminent partners in the commercial and academic community is unique among AI platforms, and produces an environment that benefits the end users in ways that others can’t. In addition, we believe that Modzy’s commitment to implementing responses to emerging questions about governance, explainability, and adversarial subterfuge is driving the platform on a sustainable policy path that will allow us to quickly respond to requests from customers in highly regulated environments.

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