Civil Government

Whether it be through identifying patterns and insights from large datasets, automating routine, rote, or redundant processes, or flagging anomalous behavior to detect fraud, waste and abuse, Modzy is powering AI-enabled transformation for civil government agencies.

Modzy enables AI to be used where it’s needed most: fighting fraud, waste and abuse, automating back office processes, and improving decision-making

AI is changing how civil government agencies engage with citizens, offering operational efficiencies, cost savings, more personalized services, and better satisfaction. For civil government agencies without a robust bench of data science talent, Modzy offers a marketplace of pre-trained AI models across a wide range of AI applications. The Modzy platform allows organizations to add AI power to any application, easing IT and IS departments work in managing and governing AI assets in a centralized location. Modzy is also built to comply with a wide range of security standards including those set by NIST, FISMA and FedRAMP.

Empower your organization with true enterprise AI today

Text Analysis

Fast-track your back-office processes by accelerating the traditionally arduous document review and reporting processes.

  • Summarize content in media, forms, and other long-form documents to speed document review
  • Identify and classify named entities in text documents for easier and faster review and analysis

Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Identify anomalous behaviors to flag and catch fraudsters in their tracks, saving your agency time, money, and other precious resources.

  • Enable real-time monitoring for claims, payments, and service requests, as well as insider behavior, to flag suspicious activity
  • Better regulate performance by comparing individual organizations’ performance against industry standards


Accelerate research projects and studies in support of new treatments, vaccines, etc., while improving patient protection against fraud.

  • Speed up efforts to discover new drugs and treatments to accelerate the time to clinical trials
  • Lead the way in establishing standards and regulations for AI-enabled tools leveraged in support of healthcare provided to patients

AI powered by Modzy

Putting AI in Service for Civil Government with Modzy

Modzy allows you to add AI power to any enterprise application, with the governance required for highly regulated environments. 


With explainability, transparency, and auditability for AI enabled decisions, ensure your AI always stands up to scrutiny.