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$ 1 M

Average Savings 

ModelOps automation deploys machine learning projects with ease at enterprise scale

10 x

Faster AI Deployment

Faster results with military-grade security, explainability, drift detection and adversarial defense


Security Controls

Modzy is built on security controls from NIST, FISMA Moderate and FedRAMP, with IL 6 Authorization

Success Case Studies

Energy Company Expands Revenue

ModelOps Value

Energy Company Expands Revenue with Modzy

Value:  As the energy and utilities sector, and those who support it, look for ways to innovate, AI can power real-time analytics to reveal new insights from the explosion of available data. 

Modzy in Action: Using the power of the Modzy Platform combined with a pre-trained model in the marketplace, a solar energy company in the Texas analyzed all the  rooftops in Austin, TX to understand the addressable market in expansion of solar panels

Results: Driving new market and revenue expansion, the models identified available rooftop space to help better target installation of solar panels to available structures. 

Reducing Risk and Improving Governance

Value:  As organizations add AI capability to their existing IT systems, many have been focused on the benefits of increased efficiencies, reduced costs, and higher revenues. All of the energy and excitement around quickly adopting AI, however, has led to the emergence of risks related “shadow AI,” with teams building AI-enabled solutions outside of the purview of IT departments. 

Results: CIOs are turning to Modzy to centralize the management and governance of AI across their organizations, through the power of transparency, auditability, and security. By centralizing their AI management with Modzy, these organizations are seeing better returns on their AI investments, while eliminating risks associated with “shadow AI.”

CIO Governance and Security

Reducing “Shadow AI” in the Enterprise

Fortune 500 Compliance Innovation

Compliance Cost Savings

Compliance Innovation

Value: To keep pace with the ever evolving and expanding regulatory environments, large enterprises are turning to the power of AI-enabled tools to ensure that they remain compliant.

Results: Working with a large Fortune 500 company, Modzy  ModelOps platform was used to scale and manage AI models to identify, escalate, and mitigate compliance risks associated with a new cybersecurity requirement. By deploying a Modzy-powered AI solution, the company was able to flag and address any risks well ahead of the compliance deadline, and avoid the costly ramifications of failing to comply with the requirement in time.

Explore Solutions by Industry

Financial Services

Confidently accelerate AI solutions in Risk Management, Compliance, Fraud and Credit/Lending with military grade security and model explainability

Energy & Utilities

Solutions for better decision-making in Energy Transmission, Consumer Savings, Forecasting, and Automated Demand Management

Life Sciences

Ensure trusted solutions in AI powering critical applications and decisions in Pharmacovigilance, Diagnostics, and Supply Chain Optimization in complex enterprises


See Modzy solutions for Underwriting, Fraud Detection, and Damage Estimation which can proactively mitigate risk, drive down costs, and improve customer service


See how Modzy supports enterprise-grade cyber defense systems using AI to automatically learn and adapt to the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape


Flexible deployment creates easy integration for solutions in Site Management, Schedule Optimization, and Enhanced Safety Monitoring

Defense & National Security

Secure and accredited solutions for using AI on Overhead Imagery, Recognizing & Translating languages, Track Moving Vehicles in FMV, and dozens of other missions

Civil Government

Modzy enables AI to be used where it’s needed most: Serving Citizens, Fighting Fraud, Waste and Abuse, automating processes, and improving decision-making