•    |   June 10, 2020

    Modzy Deployment

    Installing and configuring artificial intelligence (AI) in production can be a daunting task. Modzy makes deployment easy for a wide variety of situations….

  •    |   June 10, 2020

    Data Imbalance

    Data imbalance, or imbalanced classes, is a common problem in machine learning classification where the training dataset contains a disproportionate ratio of…

  •    |   June 8, 2020

    AI Model Versioning

    Artificial intelligence (AI) models require constant monitoring to ensure that their performance characteristics are maintained, and AI model versioning is one approach to ensure…

  •    |   June 4, 2020

    AI for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)

    AI is transforming how the Department of Defense and Intelligence community conducts ISR missions. Listen to Modzy’s Head of Data Science, Clayton…

  •    |   June 4, 2020

    AI Model Scoring

    There is a plethora of metrics that can be used to evaluate machine learning models, and identifying the right metric to use…

  •    |   June 2, 2020

    Scaling AI Models

    You’ve just spent a lot of time and effort building an amazing model and it works perfectly on your machine. Now comes…

  •    |   May 28, 2020

    Balancing Training Data

    Balancing training data is an important part of data preprocessing. Data imbalance refers to when the classes in a dataset are not equally distributed,…

  •    |   May 22, 2020

    AI Security and Encryption

    Modzy is designed with AI security in mind, including advances in emerging fields such as adversarial defense and encryption. Our current infrastructure…

  •    |   May 20, 2020

    Open Architecture

    Modern software applications that are built on open architectures have huge advantages for enterprises interested in tight integrations, avoiding vendor lock-in, and…

  •    |   May 18, 2020

    Training Robust AI Models – Adversarial Defense

    We’ve developed a new training method to ensure that adversarial defense is built into AI models by ensure models are robust and…