•    |   July 15, 2020

    Explainability: Why It’s Important

    Explainability is one of the ways that we can build trustworthiness into AI. Listen to Modzy’s Head of Data Science, Clayton Davis,  discuss why…

  •    |   June 29, 2020

    AI Transparency

    Transparency is crucial to building AI you can trust. Listen to Modzy’s Head of Go-to-Market, Kirsten Lloyd, discuss how Modzy’s commitment to…

  •    |   June 15, 2020

    AI Accountability

    Trustworthy AI must be accountable. Listen to Modzy’s Content Marketing Lead, Kirsten Lloyd, discuss how Modzy is built to ensure your AI…

  •    |   June 14, 2020

    API Security

    Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) can add tremendous capabilities, but they must also be secure and auditable. Since the primary usage of an…

  •    |   June 12, 2020

    Training Data Security

    The effectiveness and predictive power of machine learning models is highly dependent on the quality of data used during the training phase….

  •    |   June 12, 2020

    Model Quality and Training Data

    Model quality is inextricably linked to training data. Today, having powerful computers and computational software makes it easy to build machine learning…

  •    |   June 10, 2020

    Modzy Deployment

    Installing and configuring artificial intelligence (AI) in production can be a daunting task. Modzy makes deployment easy for a wide variety of situations….

  •    |   June 10, 2020

    Data Imbalance

    Data imbalance, or imbalanced classes, is a common problem in machine learning classification where the training dataset contains a disproportionate ratio of…

  •    |   June 8, 2020

    AI Model Versioning

    Artificial intelligence (AI) models require constant monitoring to ensure that their performance characteristics are maintained, and AI model versioning is one approach to ensure…

  •    |   June 4, 2020

    AI for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)

    AI is transforming how the Department of Defense and Intelligence community conducts ISR missions. Listen to Modzy’s Head of Data Science, Clayton…