Tableau has transformed the way organizations around the world analyze, visualize, and share data. By integrating Modzy with Tableau, you add interactive analytics directly into your workflows making your AI models and model findings instantly accessible to more users. With AI capabilities in Tableau, organizations are discovering new ways to improve existing systems and applications and accelerate informed decision-making.

The ModzyTableau integration allows users to quickly integrate AI models into Tableau dashboards. All AI models deployed into Modzy automatically have RESTful API endpoints. Integrating the models into Tableau is as simple as adding a few lines of code and making a REST API call. The bi-directional integration is easy: 

  1. Select a model within Tableau, enter a data source or data inputs, and hit “run” which sends the request to Modzy where the platform runs the inference. Results are sent back to the Tableau dashboard with a completed visualization. 
  2. Activity is tracked within Modzy using the job history functionality including a detailed audit trail of all activities completed in your system. 

Here are a few examples of how we’ve seen users leverage the ModzyTableau integration:  

Predict Default Risk: Rapidly identify customer segments at the highest risk of defaulting on their loans to save time and reduce cost. Watch the integration in action in this short clip (<1 min.):  

Call Center Optimization: Use sentiment analysis to provide customer support agents with real-time segmentation of customer complaints, increase customer satisfactionand optimize call center operations.   

Faster Underwriting: Uncover hidden patterns in your historical data to generate faster, better pricing recommendations for customers. 

Modzy is a fast, smooth integration into your Tableau dashboard, bringing AI power to your business operations and decision-making. Contact Modzy today for a demo and details on how to get started.