Modzy makes it easy to add AI capability directly to your existing business-wide applications. Through a straightforward API interface, Modzy integrates into nearly any application to add AI power to existing workflows. The result is faster, more accurate, and more reliable decision-making tools for your business objectives.

Leverage Your Existing Investments

AI adoption in years past was driven by the need to automate previously manual activities, accelerate workflows and informed decision-making, and yield time and cost savings. Implementation, however, proved to be complicated. Silos between business units and technical teams often lead to AI not being appropriately integrated into existing systems and new findings not making it downstream. With many AI tools, inference results are stored within systems, requiring a highly technical resource to translate the findings for end-users. This creates bottlenecks in the workflow and impedes the value of AI in the first place.

Many companies use a myriad of tools or systems to support daily operations. For example, in the financial services industry, Tableau is a great tool to visualize customers’ risk of defaulting on home loans to inform preventative strategies. In emergency services, ArcGIS can be used to quickly identify and map disaster areas to inform disaster relief planning.

Modzy allows you to add AI capability and improve the value delivered by these critical systems. By deploying and managing your AI models via Modzy, you gain the following:

  • All models deployed into Modzy automatically have RESTful API endpoints generated and integrating those models with your existing tools is as simple as a few lines of code and making a REST API call
  • All activity in Modzy is tracked using the job history functionality, which generates a detailed audit trail of all activities completed in your system

By automating the integration of your systems, technical teams can focus on building and maintaining models and software, while business users can access and digest information in a familiar and consumable way for rapid decision-making.

Figure 1 – Business Applications Integrations 

Benefits of Integration & Centralized Management

Centralizing AI deployment and management not only makes it easy to integrate AI into your existing tech stack, but also removes siloes between different business units and teams involved in the AI management process.

  • IT leaders – Modzy offers a bird’s-eye view into AI health across their organization, reducing costs and security risks.
  • Data scientists and machine learning engineers – Modzy streamlines the deployment and management of AI models in production.
  • Software developers, Modzy adds AI capabilities to any application they’re building with ease.

In an increasingly competitive market, AI offers a critical advantage that can drive the growth and success of organizations. But adding AI capability directly to your existing tools and investments through integrations with tools like Modzy ensures that you’re laying the foundation for both managing AI across an organization, but also making it easy to field new capabilities over time. Modzy allows you to supplement your existing enterprise tools and systems with AI capability,  allowing you to cut costs, simplify processes, and better empower your workforce.