Modzy has added the SK Group to its growing marketplace technology portfolio with the introduction of SK’s artificial intelligence (AI) to support advanced biomedical and pharmacological use cases.

SK Group is the second-largest conglomerate in the Republic of Korea, with over 95 subsidiary companies that span industries from information and communication to chemicals and energy, to semiconductors & materials. SK is already operating various business units in the US and is now expanding into digital solutions based on artificial intelligence.

“SK brings proven technology already being employed by forward-leaning, global biomedical firms, but this is just the beginning of the technology SK expects to bring across the board,” said Norm Litterini, Director of Partnerships at Modzy. “By partnering together, we’re able to provide powerful AI-enabled solutions that accelerate biomedical outcomes for our customers, all within the security and governance of the Modzy platform.”

“Our partnership with Modzy is a great way to showcase game-changing technologies that have already achieved success for our customers,” said Sukjoo Choi, VP, Head of Global Business Development Group at SK Inc. C&C. “We have been producing artificial intelligence for a number of sectors, so this is just the beginning of the innovation we’re ready to field in the U.S.”

The Modzy model operations platform accelerates the deployment, integration, and governance of production-ready AI. Modzy was built to solve the toughest problems with using AI at scale, supported by a growing community of data scientists, developers, infrastructure managers, and IT leaders. With integrations for the leading data science and DevOps tools, teams count on Modzy to quickly and easily build AI-enabled applications in a standard, repeatable, and secure way. By leveraging Modzy as a central location for monitoring all AI across the enterprise or at the edge, leaders can establish governance and security while generating higher returns from AI.

If you’d like to learn more about Modzy or the Modzy Partner Program, head over to our Partners page.