SFL Scientific, a data science consulting and professional services company, is the latest service provider to join the Modzy service partner network. SFL Scientific will help customers operationalize and scale AI through the Modzy ModelOps platform. SFL specializes in data engineering, machine learning, AI, and big data, bringing together the best data science and analytics talent to address clients’ toughest challenges.

SFL Scientific is recognized for their success in helping clients gain insights to identify, create, and launch AI products, tools and services that drive business. Recent projects include developing models for CBS Sports to predict NFL scores and creating AI-based diagnostic tools for medical imaging at Texas Medical Center.

“The partnership between Modzy and SFL Scientific brings together the best of data science and analytics talent in the industry,” said Norm Litterini, Head of Partnerships at Modzy. “Customers will benefit from the shared expertise of our teams and the combined offering of Modzy’s AI platform and SFL Scientific’s world-class services.”

“The partnership with Modzy further enables us to accelerate deployment and production objectives for our clients in a highly efficient, scalable, and secure manner,” said Dr. Michael Segala, CEO of SFL Scientific. “As data science consultants working on state-of-the-art AI solutions, it is important that SFL Scientific utilizes best in class tools to serve our clients.”

SFL Scientific brings AI services coupled with the power of Modzy’s ModelOps platform in the following areas:

If you’d like to learn more about Modzy, SFL Scientific, or the Modzy Partner Program, head over to our Partners page.