You can now run AI models on thousands of devices, all from a single platform using Modzy Edge. Sign up for a demo today.

The process is easy – deploy your models to Modzy, connect your edge devices, and then run your models anywhere in the world with the centralized management, monitoring, and governance of the Modzy platform. By bringing models to where data is collected, you gain real-time processing, near-zero latency, security, and the ability to deploy to any kind of hardware. Modzy Edge offers the same REST and gRPC APIs as Modzy’s cloud and enterprise offerings, providing a simple, standard way to process data and integrate pipelines on any edge device.

install modzy edge

Modzy Edge can be used for computer vision-powered analysis of video feeds, transcribing audio streams, or predictive maintenance on sensor data for critical operations running atop 5G multi-access edge compute (MEC) systems, automating manufacturing processes and functions, tactical AI delivery for Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2), or fleet management.

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