Companies around the world are using Salesforce Cloud Computing and CRM solutions to manage their customer relationships. By integrating Modzy with Salesforce, users have AI-generated insights around customer feedback and can efficiently prioritize and address high-value issues and challenges. Watch the video below to see the integration in action:  

Understanding customer sentiment helps prioritize requests to improve customer experience. This is done through the power of AI, specifically with a Sentiment Analysis model from the Modzy model marketplace.  

Sentiment Analysis is just the tip of the beginning for using AI power in Salesforce 

  • Modzy’s Text Summarization model, which condenses large volumes of text into just a few sentences, saves hours of manual labor digging through transcripts to identify main issues 
  • Modzy’s Text Topic Modeling analyzes hundreds of pages of text to generate the top ten topics, shedding light on the biggest recurring areas of customer concernRounding out the upgraded process, Scribe transcribes audio to text, reducing stress from notetaking. 

By integrating Modzy with Salesforce, teams can: 

  • Improve customer service – Flag and escalate high priority requests of support tickets with greater speed and accuracyRapidly identify commonly recurring issues to aid in efficient ticket routing and resource staffing to the right department whether it be shipping, billing, returns, or quality control. 
  • Enhance products – Glean valuable insights for areas of improvement in product features or functionality, from granular issues like bug fixes to major new product introductions.  
  • Optimize operations  Use AI-driven insights to scale support to meet increased case volume or to adapt policies and processes. Implement Scribe to reduce call wait times and free up service representatives from taking notes.
  • Personalize offerings – Automate customer segmentation to tailor offers for specific audiences to increase sales and customer retention. 
  • Save time and money – Categorize text at a rate that human analysts cannot match, reducing the time and effort involved in processing 

Integrate Modzy with Salesforce to add AI power directly to Salesforce dashboards and get rapid insights that improve operations and customer interactions. Getting the integration up and running takes only minutes. Contact Modzy today for a demo and details on how to get started.