New and ongoing threats to public safety are on the rise, ranging from active shooter events to Covid-19 exposure. Now, imagine using artificial intelligence (AI) to detect threats and provide faster response times. The potential? Safer public spaces.

Modzy, a leading ModelOps platform to run, use, and manage AI models, is pleased to welcome Actuate to its growing list of model providers in the model marketplace. Actuate is a leading computer vision software company for threat and intruder detection, with applications for schools, hospitals, industry, central stations, and public spaces.

Actuate uses a custom AI model to detect threats and intruders as soon as they’re visible. It provides advanced notice of potential events, giving security teams the precious seconds needed to avert tragedy in volatile situations. By addressing shortcomings in traditional video monitoring systems, motion-based false positives are reduced by 95% and Actuate reports a 99% detection accuracy for rapidly identifying weapons in camera footage. The system also tracks behaviors such as loitering, crowds, social distancing, and mask compliance for Covid-19 response measures.

“We are pleased to offer Actuate’s models within our marketplace,” said Norm Litterini, Head of Modzy Partnerships. “Actuate’s real-time solution addresses the vital need for threat detection in a multitude of public, commercial, and industrial settings.”

“Actuate’s custom models specialize in identifying small objects such as people and weapons in complex, low quality images with a high degree of accuracy,” said Sonny Tai, CEO of Actuate. “By combining Actuate’s advanced AI video analytics and Modzy’s powerful and secure platform for AI model governance and explainability, customers can make the best use of existing infrastructure instead of needing to install new cameras for a broad range of security use cases.”

Explore Modzy’s partnership with Actuate and other leading-edge AI software providers in the Modzy Model Marketplace.