You asked, and we answered. Using Modzy Basic+, it’s possible to deploy, run, integrate, and monitor up to five ML/AI models at scale, for free.

With Modzy Basic+, users gain access to enterprise-grade MLOps & ModelOps functionality, without the price. It’s now easier than ever to integrate ML/AI models into production applications and manage their lifecycle over time. Users can deploy up to five of their own models from 15+ training tools and frameworks that can run on a CPU and 4GB of RAM. From there, models can be easily integrated into web apps, mobile apps, pipelines or any other tool using our APIs and SDKs, and users can run up to 10,000 inferences per day. Finally, Modzy makes it easy to monitor models and ensure peak performance over time.

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Modzy Basic+ is a gamechanger for data scientists, ML engineers, and developers who need an MLOps & ModelOps platform, and are looking to accelerate the time to production AI. With our documentation, Slack community group, and tutorials, it’s easy to get up and running in a matter of minutes. To learn how you can deploy and run your AI models for free and get started with Modzy Basic+, be sure to tune into our Discord server on Thursday, June 23 at 12:30PM EDT for a tech talk presentation. Check out the resources below and get started today: