Digital disinformation is spreading at an alarming pace, posing escalating threats to enterprises, governments, and society. Online conspiracies, malicious influence campaigns, and more are deliberate manipulation mechanisms. They function as attacks on perceptions and can weaken public trust and create social divides. 

AI can be deployed in various ways to counter disinformation, but the challenge is complex. It requires the right set of tools backed by the right expertise. The new partnership between Modzy, the ModelOps platform for secure AI deployment and governance, and Blackbird.AI, the leading disinformation defense solution provider, represents exactly this combination. 

“With the introduction of Blackbird.AI to our model marketplace, Modzy customers have access to AI models with sophisticated narrative detection, coupled with real-time alerts and prioritized insights to enable them to take effective action against potential threats,” said Norm Litterini, Head of Partnerships at Modzy. “Recognized as the preeminent company for AI-enabled disinformation defense and response, Blackbird.AI gives organizations the edge they need to combat threat actors that seek to create chaos across the information ecosystem.” 

Added Wasim Khaled, CEO and Founder of Blackbird.AI, “The Blackbird Constellation Engine uses proprietary AI algorithms to tackle the key challenges of disinformation: rapid detection of harmful emergent conversations, surges in risk, and narrative intelligence. We help you look beyond traditional indicators such as volume, engagement, and sentiment to understand the nuances of emerging threats by employing neural nets and natural language processing to identify concerning signals and behavior patterns from deep networks.” 

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