Since 1981, the Environmental Systems Research Institute’s (ESRI) ArcGIS has remained one of the world’s preeminent commercial tools for spatial analysis and location-based analytics. By integrating Modzy with ArcGIS, users can add AI functionality such as object position tracking, vehicle detection, building damage classification, and more with just a few clicks. Watch the integration in action below:  

Integrating Modzy with ArcGIS only takes a few seconds to detect all the buildings in an image. Typically, this is a timeconsuming activity for an analyst tasked with reviewing hundreds or thousands of images per day and there is potential for many mistakes. Automating building detection with Modzy speeds up this process while ensuring consistency and accuracy every time.  

Modzy has numerous AI models that can be integrated with ArcGIS allowing for analysis of any type of geospatial data to include:

  • Building Damage Classification – For insurance or government decision-makers, AI analysis of building damage after a natural disaster provides instant insight about how to allocate resources and spend for recovery initiatives. 
  • Vehicle Detection in Aerial Imagery – For urban planning and government, a vehicle detection analysis within a city sheds light on traffic flow to inform decisions about roads and public transportation funding.  
  • Object Position Tracking – For national defense agencies or companies tracking international shipments, a model can be used to tracks objects on land and sea within any video containing standard compliant geodetic metadata. 
  • Geospatial Image Registration  For construction and urban planning, Geospatial Image Registration can be used in remote sensing to detect changes in vegetation, habitation, buildings, vehicles, and changes in traffic patterns and construction. 
  • Imagebased Geolocation  For image categorization and social applications, this model predicts the location of an image based on architecture or key landmarks.   

Modzy integrates directly into your ArcGIS instance bringing trusted AI-generated insights to your fingertips. Contact Modzy today for a demo and details on how to get started.