Don’t miss out on our weekly tech talks in Discord at their new time on Thursdays at 12:30PM EST! Each session covers a different topic, with something for all audience members. By attending, you’ll be entered for a chance to win Modzy swag! Check out the upcoming sessions for April 2022:

April 7: Model Serving

Model serving can be hard, but with a container-based approach, it’s easy for teams to turn models into containers that can be served anywhere for use in production systems. This talk will cover current challenges and solutions for handling model serving, and will include a demo of how open-source makes it easy to serve models via Modzy.

April 14: Deploying Models from MLFlow

We all know how difficult it can be to move models from a training environment into production. But what if you could automate your model deployment? Join us for an overview and demo of the benefits of an automated model deployment pipeline that leverages Modzy integrations for popular model training tools like MLFlow.

April 21: Designing APIs for AI

It’s estimated that anywhere from 50-90% of AI models developed never make it past the AI “valley of death” that exists between the lab and production deployment. This tech talk will cover how an API-based approach to building and maintaining AI-enabled applications can bridge the divide between data scientists, software developers, and infrastructure managers building them. You’ll learn best practices for API design, as well as pitfalls to avoid.

April 28: Automatic ML Model Containerization

Containerizing machine learning models can be a pain. This talk covers a new open-source approach to building machine learning (ML) models into container images to run in production for inference. is an open-source solution that converts models from multiple training tools and frameworks into Open Model Interface (OMI) compatible containers to run anywhere.