Modzy is designed with AI security in mind, including advances in emerging fields such as adversarial defense and encryption. Our current infrastructure enforces least-privilege access while allowing negligible access opportunities for exploitation. Modzy’s future infrastructure is taking our commitment a step further by including designs from Modzy Labs to leverage encryption schemes that will protect both our platform models and data running through it from future threats.

What You Need To Know

Whether we are talking about the considerable investment in the intellectual property (IP) associated with partner companies’ models, or the restricted nature of an organization’s most prized data holdings, at Modzy, we understand the need to protect the equities of both our partners and our end users. With that in mind, we take a holistic security posture across policy and implementation. Today, paradigms like least privilege converge with negligible access times to minimize the ability of an ill-intentioned exploiter to access the information and IP stored on Modzy. Looking to the future, Modzy labs is working on further hardening both models and data by exploiting advances in Homomorphic Encryption to guarantee AI security both for the models and the data on our platform. At Modzy, we take AI security seriously and demonstrate that commitment in both our development and future planning.

Crucial to this effort, the Modzy platform is robust, accessible, and secure – especially as it relates to our partners’ IP and our end users’ data. Like all IT systems, the Modzy infrastructure has a limited number of privileged users. In an on-premise deployment, only privileged users, such as software administrators, would have access to model infrastructure on the Modzy platform. All other users would only be able interact with the Modzy platform, without access to the underlying model infrastructure.
In cloud-based deployments, Modzy’s own security credentials are augmented by the cloud providers’ access controls; this further reduces the number of people with access to the Modzy infrastructure. The result is a safe, secure infrastructure.

Modzy Approach to AI Security and Encryption

Modzy Labs is working on the next generation of AI capabilities and exploring how today’s problems can be overcome as tomorrow’s technical promises are fulfilled. Part of Modzy Labs’ work is to identify ways to harden models against those who would try to exploit them, and to identify ways that our end users can interact with the platform with even their most sensitive data. To that end, Modzy Labs is evaluating and investing in Homomorphic Encryption, a type of encryption that can both obfuscate data and allow for processing on the obfuscated data. Emerging techniques from this branch of mathematics can lead to an AI platform that runs encrypted algorithms against encrypted datasets, alleviating concerns of compromise from IP or data owners.

What This Means for You

Modzy is engineered to protect your organization’s most precious resources. If you would like to discuss how Modzy can meet your AI needs leveraging industry best practices, contact our sales team.