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Josh Sullivan, Ph.D.

CEO & Co-founder

Welcome to Modzy! Want to learn more about me? I’m part entrepreneur, part mad scientist, and all-around geek. I get to lead Modzy and the talented dream team of people who build our MLOps Platform—and delight our customers every day! Together we are accelerating the adoption of AI in a whole new way.

I like to code deep tech, write AI books, fly airplanes and give a lot of conference and media interviews . Add in my family and two kids, and wow, my days are full of fun. Now that we’re connected, say ‘hi’ on Twitter or LinkedIn and share something amazing with me.

Josh Elliot

COO & Co-founder

I’m a technologist and business operator that saw a better way for organizations and developers to make AI real and impactful. At Modzy, I get to roll up my sleeves and lead an impressive team, group of partners, and customers to adopt the leading MLOps platform. I also get to play key role in the continued development of Modzy’s position for responsible AI adoption and frequently weigh in on topics like security, explainability, and governance.

When I’m not keeping busy wrangling all aspects of Modzy, you can find me keeping current on various blogs/podcasts, coaching one of my kid’s sport teams, or exerting mental jujitsu to get my kids to bed (or to do anything).

Seth Clark

Head of Product & Co-founder

I’m a MIT-trained engineer who just likes building things. At Modzy, I get to do just that with a team of brilliant designers, developers, and data scientists building the future of MLOps and AI at scale. When I’m not in the office, I’m probably soldering something in my makerspace at home, checking in on one of my beehives, or fixated on a bad product experience that I wish I could fix.

Kirsten Lloyd

Head of GTM & Co-founder

I’m fascinated by new technology and love watching how new products transform our world and shape our experiences. As someone who can’t sit still, I love waking up every day to new challenges to address as the market evolves, and figuring out new and innovative ways to reach our customers. Previously, I worked in corporate strategy identifying new business ventures aligned to emerging technology markets. In my free time, I enjoy heading to the barre (for a workout) and reading about German and Russian history post World War II.


Ben Lamm

5x Founder with 4 exits. Colossal Capital, former Hypergiant, Chaotic Moon, Conversable

Lee Strafford

Disruptor, Tech Entrepreneur, Mentor, Investor. Former PlusNet, Accelerated Digital Ventures, Insight Enterprises

David Carr

Investor & Operator. Former AOL, Accelerated Digital Ventures, CitiLogik, Vodafone

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